Why Social Media?

  • Creates or enhances brand awareness
  • Provides the opportunity to communicate and interact with your customers in real time
  • Presents a more personal side to your business
  • Generates sales and enquiries
  • Conduct market research
  • Recruit staff and find suppliers
  • Gain or improve credibility


Why Social Media

Engaging and Effective Social Media Campaigns

We all know we should do it!

We’ve seen many Bolton businesses benefit hugely from utilising Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube and Pinterest.

But many organisations don’t make the most of this huge opportunity as they don’t have the required knowledge or resources.

What is the aim of a Social Media campaign?

The goal is to gain as many followers as possible who like the information you post, will engage, share and act upon it.

How do we do it?

After a discussion, we’ll draw out all the information we need and make recommendations on the best approach.

All businesses are different so using our experience and knowledge we’ll recommend which channels are likely to be the most effective.

The key is to provide information your customers want and not to bombard them will a constant sales pitch.

  • Linked In is usually most effective for business to business.
  • Facebook and Twitter are more suited for business to consumer but can still be useful for business to business.
  • Instagram (because of its visual nature) is better suited to businesses which sell highly desirable or visually striking products or for photographers and designers to showcase their work. Instagram can still be effective for businesses who don’t fit into this category but it needs to be used creatively.
  • Pinterest, like Instagram, is ideal for showcasing products and also good at producing website visits and links.

what can I expect from social media

What can I expect?

  • No monthly contracts.
  • If you haven’t got accounts with the channels we recommend, we’ll create them for you.
  • If you have them set up already we’ll make sure everything is included, relevant and informative.
  • We’ll share interesting content (information that your followers will be interested in).
  • We’ll create new content by utilising your blog (if you have one) and by creating visually attractive and engaging posts.
  • Vizcom will reply to any messages or comments you receive.
  • Posts are scheduled to show at the time they are most likely to be read.
  • Keywords are added to your account to find possible followers who are talking about what you are selling.
  • Competitor’s accounts are added and their most active followers followed.
  • An automatic message is created to greet new followers and promote your business.
  • We’ll invite your email contacts to join you on Social Media.

Here are some examples of campaigns we’ve worked on, give them a follow and you’ll be able to see what we do.

Established accounts

Radiant Heart Yoga Facebook page

API Electrical Feed

New accounts

Radiant Heart Yoga Twitter feed

Solutions for HR Twitter feed

Solutions for HR Facebook page

Solutions for HR Linked In account

Gym Finance Group Twitter feed

Gym Finance Group Facebook page

Prices start at £149 per month.

If you want to be successful with social media call us on 01204 591 015 or click our contact form.