eCommerce websites which generate sales right from the start

Why choose Vizcom, the Bolton eCommerce Web Design specialists?

why choose vizcom to sell online

  • Our eCommerce sites are visually striking, quick and simple to navigate.
  • They are easy for customers to buy from and owners to update.
  • Mobile and search engine friendly.
  • We provide a free website report which details search engine rankings and offers optimisation advice.
  • Our Bolton eCommerce web designers have been helping businesses succeed online for more than ten years.
  • We can help (not just with your site) but offer advice on all aspects of running an eCommerce business.
  • Vizcom is always on hand to provide support and answers any queries quickly.

We use a system called WooCommerce

Why Woo Commerce

Why WooCommerce?

  • If you have an existing WordPress site it will integrate perfectly.
  • Mobile friendly (vital for search engine rankings and visitor experience). Almost half of all transactions in the UK are now carried out on mobile devices.
  • Want something different from the ‘norm’, it probably exists. To date, there are over 300 add-ons for WooCommerce.
  • eBay and Amazon integration.
  • Limitless designs, choose from thousands of existing themes.
  • Or if you prefer we can build your new site from ‘scratch’.

already have an ecommerce site

Already have an eCommerce site?

Our Bolton eCommerce Web Designers can convert the majority of other sales platforms to WooCommerce and all your existing information will be copied across.

If you sell on eBay or Amazon (or would like to) your new site can be modified to allow you to sell across all platforms and your stock will be adjusted accordingly.

eCommerce Web Design Examples – click below to view gallery

Click Heating

Fish in a Box

Zip North

Buy Handbags Online

How much do they cost?

From £2900

WooCommerce systems are used by more than 40% of all online shops.

Dan the eCommerce man

If you want a site which will get sales right from the off call

Dan our eCommerce man on 01204 591 015 or click our contact form

online selling tips

Online selling tips

  • Attracting visitors: Use informative text, attractive images, social media and email marketing.
  • Brand: How do you want to appear and what will your customers expect to see?
  • Communication: Respond to sales and queries to increase sales. Acknowledge, be personal and suggest.
  • Competition: Visit competing sites, what do they do well and what can you offer they don’t?
  • Customer loyalty and retention: Create discounts codes and personalise communications. Offer redeemable loyalty points, free gifts, and referral incentives.
  • Demand: Use social media and forums to read about what customers think and want.
  • Domain name (web address): Can it contain a phrase customers search for? This will help with search engine rankings.
  • Email marketing: If done well it can be one of the best ways to generate and increase sales.
  • Niche products: Research products that your competition doesn’t sell. There could be a demand.
  • Grouping products: Sometimes known as ‘bundles’ they make it easier for your customer to buy. Consider creating groups of products and reducing the price a little. For example a beginner’s kit or starter bundle.
  • Other sales platforms: Amazon, eBay, etc. does your competition sell there too?
  • Payment gateways: Allow for credit card and Paypal payments. Checking out should be easy.
  • Profit margin: Choose products with a healthy markup and allow for running costs.
  • Providing what visitors want: Don’t just list products, consider featuring ‘how to’ guides and instructional videos. Use more than one photograph, show different angles and detail.
  • Reasons to buy: What makes a customer checkout? Why do you buy from a particular website?
  • Selling internationally: There could be a demand for your products overseas.
  • Shipping: Offer free delivery once a customer spends over a certain amount.
  • Suppliers: How reliable are they? How can you form a strong relationship?
  • User experience: Which sites have you bought from and thought “that was easy”.

Not only do we build eCommerce sites we’ve been involved in running online businesses for almost ten years.

Dan the eCommerce man

If you would like to benefit from our ‘hands-on’ knowledge call Dan our eCommerce man on 01204 591 015 or click our contact form.

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