Press Release Website Portals

A slightly more difficult version of writing a blog is writing an article.

  • Articles about your business can then be submitted to any of the press release websites on the internet – some are free, some of which charge or their services.
  • Writing an article can be quite difficult as the narrative voice is a lot different to a blog entry.
  • Do you remember the days of university when academic essays had to be written in a factual, non-biased tone with long words and no chatty language?
  • Well, it’s basically that all over again.

Anchor Text

Also, you can use keywords in your article – without being too obvious, incorporate keywords that are specifically applicable to your site, and anchor them to certain pages or products on your website.

  • Here is an example, Vizcom Design is a Bolton based design agency which offers social media management.
  • The phrase social media management links to the relevant page on our website.
  • Another difficult aspect of article writing is to find the correct story.
  • Many press release websites will not accept your article if it is say, 800 words of sales babble and you saying how good your business is.

Write about your subject – don’t try the ‘hard sell’

  • For example, if your business is marketing, perhaps take a little time to research the latest techniques developed across the industry and write about those?
  • If you are an accountant, then research how many court cases last year were as a direct result of businesses not keeping adequate finance records.
  • If you sell products to the care industry, investigate how there are more pensioners than any other demographic within the UK at this moment, and what facilities and needs they have.
  • All businesses will have a story, all you have to do is work out what it is.

Charity Events

Another angle to consider is charity events.

  • If you have been involved with a charity event in the last few months, such as a bike ride, fun run or similar, the write about your involvement in the event, who was there and took part, how much money was raised and for what charity (remember to link to the charity’s website).
  • Then you can talk about your business as a background to the event itself.
  • Once you’ve written your article, submit it to the press release sites – there are some free ones out there, but the majority require you to open an account with them first.
  • The free ones don’t tend to allow anchor text or have as much effect as the paid versions.
  • At Vizcom, we do recommend using PRweb, this is one of the most popular press release websites.

Don’t forget the local, national or trade press.

It is also worth researching what trade press exists for your industry, and what newspapers are local to the area your business is located in.

If your press release is newsworthy and relevant enough, you can submit it there too.

Perhaps your story is big enough to be worth sending to one of the national papers?

The bottom line is that if you consider it truly newsworthy enough, contact the editor.