Dependent on the nature of your company, your existing customers can be very helpful toward attracting future business.

  • Whether its face to face or online, customer service is an essential factor in making your company website work for you, and if you can strike up an efficient and friendly rapport with your customers, it can be used to develop both your reputation and your website further.
  • After completing a transaction, email your customer and politely ask them for a review of your business and the products and services that you provided.
  • Ask them if it’s possible for you to use their quotes on your own website, and perhaps a photograph of the customer too?
  • It is advantageous, but having a small image or photo of the member of the customer adds authenticity to your website.
  • You can offer that customer if they have a business website of their own, a link back to their own site, so as they scratch your back, you can return the favour.
  • Before you email anyone, however, be sure to make each email individual to the customer in question, as no-one wants to read an automatically generated, generic email when an individually written one is so much more personal.
  • Gather yourself around four previous customers comments, images and photos to begin with, and build a separate page on your website for reviews.
  • Those first four provide the basis for more comments and feedback in the future and help exhibit your company’s reputation as a trustworthy, reliable and professional business.

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