A simple way to generate traffic to your site from people you correspond with via email throughout your working day.

Of course, you should ideally have customised your email signature to suit your business already, having your name, contact details and website address at the foot of each mail you send.

This can be expanded carefully, providing information on more places to find you online, but without sending an extra six lines of text at the bottom of every email.

For example, if you have listed your telephone and website address next to each other, why not add an extra line for ‘tw’- which is where you’d put the address of your Twitter profile for people to follow you and read your updates?

You could also provide a link to your company Facebook page, and if there’s anything new on your website, such as a new product or service, give that a quick mention too.

Keep these extra links short, sweet and snappy, check they all work before sending your first email with the new signature, and for reasons of online etiquette, don’t be tempted to use a fancy, coloured font.

This can often look cheap when Times New Roman or Arial in light grey or black, in a slightly smaller font than your contact details can be much more professional and effective.
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