How to use Google Alerts to promote your business

If you’ve already got a Google Plus account set up, then you may have already discovered the very useful Google Alerts – updates based on your choice of subject, sent directly to you.

Simply visit the Google Alerts page where you’ll be asked to enter the search terms of your chosen subject.

You can set your Alerts individually as to how often you receive them and also the length of each email, with the choice of having up to 50 results on a single Alert.

Although Alerts only collect updates from websites that Google alone has indexed, this is no bad thing as it’s the biggest and most well-known search engine out there, and as a business owner, the service itself is incredibly useful.

You can use Alerts to keep an eye on your competitors, and what’s going on in your chosen industry.

Alerts not only inform you of the latest information but also supply you with lots of juicy links for your status updates.
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