Why choose Vizcom for your Point of Sale design?

  • We’ve been creating superb Point of Sale (POS) for more than twenty years.
  • Using both creative and well thought out design to grab the customer’s attention.
  • As we are experienced printers too, we’ll take into consideration production costs before creating the initial designs.
  • We like to produce design ‘mock-ups’ to present to your customers and invite feedback. We then take this feedback and make any adjustments to make sure your POS will work.

Examples of Point of Sale design by Vizcom

Just click the POS examples below to view in more detail >

What things do I need to consider for my Point of Sale design?

  • Where will it be displayed and what will it be next to?
  • How durable does it need to be and will you re-use it?
  • Do you need to alter the sales message or change prices?

Can Vizcom print Point of Sale?

Yes, we can print too or if the project requires a type of printing we don’t offer we have contacts to help with the project.

Or if you prefer we can liaise with your chosen printer to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Dan the point of sale man

For POS that grabs your customer’s attention

Call Dan our Point of Sale Man on 01204 591 015 or click our contact form.