Given, for the first few months as your site is indexed by the search engines, and visitors click on it from links that you’ve wisely placed far and wide across the internet, your traffic figures will rise, but to attract both fresh and repeat custom, you must update it regularly.

The reasons for this are three-fold;

  1. Search engines like sites that grow steadily as they are regularly updated with new content – a high rate of activity helps indicate that the website is reliable, current and useful.
  2. First-time customers to the site searching for a specific product or service want to see the most modern versions available.
  3. If you’re staying up to date with changes and developments in your industry, this will be noted by customers who are then more likely to return for a second visit, and thus possibly a second purchase.

If you are the proud owner of an eCommerce site, we recommend dedicating an hour a day of your busy schedule updating, by adding new text, images, offers, services and the like.

  • Spend some time researching what’s going on in your industry – what are your competitors doing?
  • Are there any new services, products, materials or events that you could use on your own site?
  • Find out what your top twenty best selling products are, and double check the images and descriptions. Are there more recent images that would be better suited?
  • Can you afford to run a promotion on any of those lines, and if so, you need to get it updated across your social networking profiles once you have set it all up on your own site.

The name of the game here is to keep everything – your website, your products, offers and promotions as recent and relevant as possible.

This is then advertised across your social networking profiles to not only attract fresh traffic but to reinforce the fact that your website is head and shoulders above the rest in regard to the latest developments within your particular industry.