Do it before building your site

It’s been said that the best time to optimise your website is when it’s still a project on the drawing board and not been built yet.

This is for various reasons, but mainly so that you can incorporate the right keywords in your text to attract the right traffic when your site is listed within search engines.

Tools to help

Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

This is a very useful application which provides data for each suggested keyword, listing who is using that keyword both locally and globally, but also variations of it – providing keywords relating to your original choice which perhaps you hadn’t considered.

It’s also worth visiting and opening an account there too, for a more in-depth and precise breakdown of the various search terms that apply to your website.

Having an account at Wordtracker to collaborate with the results from Google Adwords ensures that you have two very reliable sources in which to refer to.

You might also want to consider Ubersuggest and Moz keyword suggestion tool.

It’s also a good idea to contact your customers and suppliers and ask them if they were going to find you on a search engine – what word or phrase would they type in?

Put yourself in the mind of your potential customers

When compiling a list of keywords and search terms, remember to consider what your potential customers will be typing into their search engine, or rather, what your competitors will type in.

These are niche phrases specific to the individual product, and something that your competitor probably may not type into gauge your search engine popularity.

We advise you to use the general keywords for your home page, but you also need a variety of product specific search terms too for your inner pages to drive traffic to specific pages within your site.

Here are some examples of search phrases we target.

General: Vizcom Design is a Bolton design agency with over twenty years of experience. The linked phrase is our target search term.

Specific search term: Vizcom is a small business social media marketing company helping businesses make the most of their social presence. This links to our social media page and is also know as a long-tail search term.

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