What is Google pay per click (Google Adwords)?

  • Google Adwords are adverts that appear when you conduct a Google search.
  • They appear in the search results and are identified by a green box labelled Ad.
  • Adverts containing photographs and titled sponsored are also pay per click.
  • They can appear on other websites which sign up to display them.
  • Advertisers are charged each time somebody clicks on an ad.

Why should I choose Vizcom and not do it myself?

We have the knowledge to make sure you maximise your budget.

Vizcom is enrolled in the Google Adwords certification program.

Many first time advertisers make common mistakes when first experimenting with Google Adwords.

They often use their budget up quickly with very little to show for it.

Common mistakes when starting with Google Adwords

  • Writing adverts which are too general.
  • Not adding a price which includes delivery and Vat.
  • Not linking the advert to the correct landing page.
  • Using incorrect keywords.
  • Not including your targeted keywords within your advert text.
  • Targeting all countries when you may only sell to the UK or a specific area within the UK.
  • Not specifying demographics – for example, if you can’t sell to under 18s then you need to exclude this age group.
  • Stopping your advert appearing when someone uses a word along with one of your chosen phrases for example ‘cheap’.
  • Not including your Unique Selling Points. For example: Made in the UK.

How would we manage your campaign?

  • Our first starting point is keyword research using Google’s keyword planner.
  • Looking for search phrases which are used regularly but without particularly high bids.
  • We then write adverts which are specific and encourage clicks.
  • We make sure the advert leaves the reader in no doubt of what is on offer and what it costs.
  • We monitor your campaign to see what adverts are working and which ones need adjusting.
  • We add and remove keywords as your campaign progresses.
  • Your campaign is demographically targeted and country specific.
  • We also install Google Analytics on your website and link it to your campaign so we can see which adverts resulted in the most sales.
  • Your campaigns are split into individual groups with their own keywords assigned to them.
  • You determine your budget and could start with as little as £3 a day

What does a typical PPC campaign cost?

This is dependent on the number of adverts required but as a guide, we would charge the following:

  • Set up campaign £90
  • Keyword research £120
  • Monitor account – add/remove keywords £75 per month.

For Google ads which bring a superb return on investment call 01204 591 015 or click our contact form.