The perfect way to communicate with your customers

At Vizcom, we use a company called MailChimp to produce for our email marketing campaigns, where we detail any changes within our company, new projects we’ve completed, what promotions we have, and so on.

Send out large numbers of emails and monitor statistics easily

  • The beauty of using email marketing software such as Mail Chimp, means that you can choose how many customers to include in your contact list (prices vary according to numbers).
  • After the newsletter has been delivered, you can easily track how many people opened the newsletter, how many read it and which links they clicked on, who recommended it to their friends and who decided to opt of any further contact.
  • Newsletters allow you to embed links to certain pages of your website, which is especially useful if you have any pages which are regularly updated, such as the one you’re reading now.
  • Regular contact with your customers ensures you remain fresh in their minds without hounding them on the phone – email contact is a medium that they can peruse in their own time, which means they’re more likely to digest the information that you’re giving them.
  • When writing your newsletter, try and keep it quick and to the point, incorporating punchy headlines to keep the reader interested and links for them to read more about the subject on your website.