How many visitors is your website receiving?

If you log in to the administration area of your website, you’ll be able to see your web statistics.

Dependent on what programme was used to create your website, you will be able to access your site statistics.

These usually consist of variations of the following:

  • Number of Visitors; Unique Visits; Hourly, Weekly or Monthly History;
  • Different Countries visiting your site; Visits made by Robots/Spiders;
  • Most popular pages visited; External links which brought visitors to your site;
  • Keywords and Phrases used to locate to your site.

The above is all extremely useful information – you can use it to analyse and identify patterns in the behaviour of your website visitors, and streamline it to ensure that not only do people find what they’re looking for in the quickest possible time but that you attract more new visitors according to specific keywords and phrases.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an in-depth version of your websites statistics feature – it delivers similar data, but with a lot more added features.

It’s a free service that specialises in providing a very detailed insight into your website’s statistics, including:

  • The ability to track your Flash, Video and Social Network applications;
  • Identifies your most lucrative geographic market;
  • Analyses the ‘funnel process’- which where and why are people leaving your site at specific places, allowing you to integrate any changes;
  • If you’re an Adwords user, it has a built-in analyser for this function, which details how many clicks, profit margins, etc.;

Google Analytics is very easy to use, but the main reason that we recommend signing up is because of its keyword features.

Analytics can provide a deeper analysis of the keywords and phrases being entered to locate your site, which means that you can tailor the content of your site to best suit the various keywords, phrases, and those all important long-tailed search engine results.

Google Analytics also allows you to view the various ‘trails’ of where your visitors are arriving from, that is, the various pages they clicked before arriving at yours – this is essential as from this you can monitor the forums, blogs, journals and other sites that are linking back to your own.
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