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What can I expect?

✔️ Double (often triple) your industry average open and click rates.

✔️ A dramatic increase in engagement, sales and enquiries.

✔️ An increase in loyal and engaged subscribers.

✔️ A comprehensive and free email marketing report.

✔️ Campaign suggestions and marketing plan calendar.

✔️ Eyecatching design, clever use of images and layout.

✔️ Well written and engaging copy.

✔️ Enticing call to action buttons to increase click-through rates.

✔️ Automated emails which get results.

✔️ Segmentation of your audience to improve engagement.

✔️ Audience maintenance to keep your contact list fresh.

✔️ Ongoing support and advice.

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Why choose us?

✔️ Established in 1996 with 15 years of experience in email marketing.

✔️ Certified MailChimp experts. See our listing.

✔️ Our clients’ email campaigns consistently produce double (often triple) their industry average open and click rates.

✔️ Email is our favourite form of marketing but not the only one we specialise in. We provide all you would expect from a successful digital marketing agency.

✔️ Vizcom are also trained and experienced graphic designers. View our design portfolio.

✔️ We’ll recommend proven ways of growing your mailing list.

✔️ We have previously run a successful eCommerce business and have lots of ‘hands-on’ knowledge to share.

✔️ There are no monthly contracts, tie-ins.

✔️ MailChimp email marketing is also part of the digital marketing packages we offer.

✔️ We can work on a per-project basis (for £50 plus Vat per hour) or choose one of our packages.

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Our flexible, MailChimp email marketing packages…

Invest in any of our email packages and enjoy a free and comprehensive report on your current email marketing, view a sample report.

Invest in either our Best in Show or Show Judge MailChimp packages and receive a free marketing plan.

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*Plus Vat. No expiry date on hours. No contract. Or we can work on a per-project basis at £50 plus Vat per hour.


The initial response from the latest email campaign has been outstanding! I’m still in the process of sending acknowledgement replies!


Dan always answers the telephone in person within a few rings. He has helped with my email marketing campaigns and with my WordPress website design.


I had no idea what to put in my email until I met with Dan at Vizcom. He asked me a number of questions and between us, we put together a plan. After the first email went out I received eleven new enquiries which all look promising.


We have worked with Dan for over 10 years supplying our website, electronic and printed marketing materials and e-mail campaigns. Dan has a very good eye for design and produces high quality content that appeals to our customers all the time. There are never any hidden costs – we pay purely for time, which always adds value. He is responsive and always delivers on time.


Dan has been working with us for several months and now is an integral part of our team. He is very professional, responsive and proactive. It’s great to work with Dan as he is capable of taking a project and running with it without being constantly supervised. Quality of work is excellent and always delivered in good time. Thanks, Dan.


We contacted Vizcom to help create and put together lead magnets using MailChimp. This is exactly what Dan provided, plus many more benefits, such as advice on our website usage with how to attract client emails. I would highly recommend Vizcom to support your services, he really does care.

Free MailChimp email marketing report

Get a free detailed report on your MailChimp marketing

Plus receive our free PDF guides which include email, SEO, social, website content, Google My Business guides and our marketing questionnaire.

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Engaging MailChimp email campaigns

Examples of MailChimp email campaigns we’ve created…

email for a marquee company
EV Chargers
business to business email campaign
email campaign for YN UK
email for a supplement company
Car Products
email campaign for eCommerce business
email campaign aimed at designers
Human Resources
email campaign for HR Company
email for a holistic therapists
MailChimp survey design
MailChimp survey design
Mailchimp sign up form creation
MailChimp sign up forms

Examples of MailChimp sign-up forms we have created

Nail Products

MailChimp sign up form retailer

Caravan Park

MailChimp sign up form Pentre

Tax Reliefs

MailChimp sign up form CTR


MailChimp sign up form Tristar

Vitamin Retailer

MailChimp sign up form design

Fashion retailer

MailChimp sign up form retailer


Manufacturer MailChimp sign up form

EV Chargers

Manufacturer MailChimp sign up form

Shop Fitters

Manufacturer MailChimp sign up form

HR Company

HR MailChimp sign up form
MailChimp automated email examples

Examples of automated MailChimp emails

Let automated emails do the work for you

Dropped Checkout

MailChimp dropped checkout email example

Click the image
to view larger

Dropped Checkout

Dropped checkout MailChimp email

Click the image
to view larger


MailChimp welcome email design

Click the image
to view larger


Welcome email created in MailChimp

Click the image
to view larger


Review email created in MailChimp

Click the image
to view larger


Welcome mail created using MailChimp

Click the image
to view larger


MailChimp welcome email design

Click the image
to view larger


MailChimp Welcome email design

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to view larger


Welcome mail built using MailChimp

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to view larger


Welcome email created with MailChimp

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to view larger

MailChimp for email marketing
Excellent open and click rates

Why MailChimp?

  • It is free forever (if you stay under 2000 contacts).
  • A free account allows you to send 10,000 emails a month.
  • Lots of features are included with the free version.
  • MailChimp is easy to use.
  • They lead the industry with their 99.27% inbox acceptance rate.
  • Excellent help via their live chat (if you have a paid account or engage us).
  • They are constantly releasing new features or refining existing ones.
  • They have a flexible pricing system for when you want to add more contacts.

MailChimp email marketing terms explained…

Press the yellow toggle button to the right of each question for more details.


Schedule email to be sent automatically once somebody signs up through your sign up form or when you import your contact list. This can also be used when certain triggers are activated for example a dropped checkout. A series of automated emails can be scheduled for example a welcome email, a follow-up email, etc.


Archive means that instead of deleting your contact you can archive them so they don’t receive any more emails from you. Archiving a contact doesn’t count towards your total of subscribers. An archived contact could unarchive themselves though if they sign up through one of your sign up forms or through your store’s API connection.


An audience is another name for your contact list. MailChimp recommends just one list and to use tags and segmentation to identify and mail contacts. For example leads, clients, suppliers and staff.

Behavioural targeting

This allows you to target and personalise your message based on how your contact behaves. How they interact with your website, email and social media. This can be combined with automation for example if a website visitor registers on your site, adds something to their checkout but doesn’t buy they could receive a dropped checkout email.


This word describes when an email has not been delivered. It can be a hard or soft bounce. A hard bounce means the email no longer exists or they have very strong spam protection. A soft bounce often means they have an auto-responder on their email address, for example, I’m on holiday until… It is important to be careful not to have a high bounce rate and most ethical email providers will put a stop on your account if this happens on a regular basis.

Clean data

This involves checking your contact list for possible errors like incorrect email addresses or role-based email addresses. A role-based email could be admin@ MailChimp will often stop you uploading these kinds of email addresses using their software Omnivore.

Click rate

This describes the number of people who clicked on your email links or buttons. Usually shown as a percentage.

Domain authentication

This involves adding code to your domain name to make it appear that email is coming from your email server and not MailChimp. Once you have authenticated your domain you should achieve a higher open rate. If your mailing list contains lots of email addresses which are Hotmail, AOL of Gmail then the chances are they will block lots of emails so if your domain isn’t authenticated it may not be delivered. 

Open rate

This term describes the number of people who open your email. They may only open and not click though. Your subject line, timing and personalisation will improve your open rate. You can use A/B Testing which allows you to test different subject lines and even different email content before you send the final campaign.


If your email wasn’t opened you could send it again to the non-openers and new subscribers. According to MailChimp you can increase your open rates by 8.7% using re-sends, learn more.


Allows you to target and personalise your emails to make them more effective. If you have all the data within your account you could use segmentation to email all subscribers who are in a certain location and are of a certain age.

Sign up form

Visitors to your website or social media platforms use the sign-up form to subscribe. The key is to provide a good reason for them to sign up, for example, a discount code or ‘how-to’ guide. Here is our sign-up form.

Subject line

One of the most important things to get right. The subject line is the line of text you first see within your inbox. 


A tag can be added to a contact to describe them for example VIP, employee or prospect. This allows you to send a personalised and more relevant email to the right people. 

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