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Fast, optimised and with lots of extras as standard.

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Why Vizcom for WordPress websites

Why choose us to create your bespoke WordPress website?

  • Your website will reflect your personality and can include caricatures of you and your team members (see examples below).
  • Using our experience in SEO we’ll make sure your site brings enquiries right from the start.
  • We include lots of extras as standard including Meta Data, MailChimp sign up forms, Facebook Messenger Live Chat and monthly traffic reports.
  • Visitors who complete your contact form will be automatically subscribed to your MailChimp account and sent a welcome email promoting your business by recognised and certified MailChimp experts.
  • Before we start we’ll send you our list of key marketing questions to ask yourself so we both know who to appeal to.
  • We’ll treat every page as a “landing page” as we believe every page should convert visitors to enquiries.
  • Enticing “call-to-actions” will be added to encourage contact or email subscribers.
  • Additional analytic software will be installed so we can track and attract visitors.
  • Your site will load under three seconds, include one year’s fast and reliable hosting and an SSL certificate.
WordPress website examples

WordPress websites we’ve created

Pentre Mawr WordPress website

WordPress website design for Pentre Mawr

Google traffic (year to date)

  • 19,653 clicks.
  • 16,112 from organic search.
  • 81.5% from organic search.

APi WordPress website

WordPress web design for APi

Google traffic (year to date)

  • 79,963 clicks.
  • 71,230 from organic search.
  • 88.4% from organic search.

Solutions WordPress website

Solutions for HR WordPress website

Google traffic (year to date)

  • 27,103 clicks.
  • 22,890 from organic search.
  • 83.6% from organic search.

aba WordPress website

WordPress website for aba Group

Google traffic (year to date)

  • 3120 clicks.
  • 1,706 from organic search.
  • 54.3% from organic search.

Safety Gas WordPress website

WordPress web design for Safety Gas

Google traffic (year to date)

  • 4673 clicks.
  • 2529 from organic search.
  • 61.4% from organic search.

All Seasons WordPress website

All Seasons WordPress web design

Google traffic (year to date)

  • 2044 clicks.
  • 1623 from organic search.
  • 78.9% from organic search.
WordPress website package

*Initial payment required. £800 plus Vat then 6 monthly payments of £250 plus Vat.


Vizcom have been designing, developing and maintaining our websites and digital content for many, many years. The service, the finished article and the support are absolutely superb, we can’t imagine not having them by our side. In short, Vizcom are awesome!

5 Stars!

5 Stars! Because Daniel and Vizcom provide the level of service that many others are sadly lacking. Vizcom amalgamated 2 comprehensive sites for us in very good time and we were extremely happy with the result. They provided excellent advice always, and continue to do so. After 6 months of dealing with other companies, who badly let us down – Vizcom were left to pick up the pieces – and did so – marvellously without fuss and efficiency. We look forward to continue working with Vizcom to optimise our online presence and to make the most of the hard work already achieved. Highly recommended


What a difference Dan at Vizcom has made to our business. We are a small holiday park that has in the past done very little advertising. We approached Dan with a small budget in mind which he worked with us on to get the most gains from both our website and Facebook activity and advertising. We have seen a massive jump in enquiries some turning in to sales. Dan is brilliant to work with everything we discuss is done extremely quickly and with top quality. We have completed a redesign of our website and Dan has created Facebook page, advertising and advice on operating it to its best. Dan is very creative also helping us with a new logo which we are very happy with. We would absolutely recommend Dan and Vizcom to anyone looking into creative design and advertising etc. Thank you Dan!


Dan always answers the telephone in person within a few rings. He has helped with my email marketing campaigns and with my WordPress website design.

Always on hand

Thanks Dan for your great work over the 10 years we have worked together. You are always on hand; professional, knowledgeable and reliable. Solutions for HR wouldn’t know what to do without you!


We have been using Dan at Vizcom Digital for the last 5-6 weeks and although only in the early stages we are really happy with the work carried out so far, Dan is very clear about what he is doing and has some great ideas and plans for our site. We are kept up to date weekly with what he is doing and receive a full breakdown at the end of the month. We went for one of the top marketing packages and feel it offers great value for money. We are looking forward to seeing how things progress over the coming weeks and months. Highly recommended. Thanks!


We have worked with Dan for over 10 years supplying our website, electronic and printed marketing materials and e-mail campaigns. Dan has a very good eye for design and produces high quality content that appeals to our customers all the time. There are never any hidden costs – we pay purely for time, which always adds value. He is responsive and always delivers on time.


Dan has been working with us for several months and now is an integral part of our team. He is very professional, responsive and proactive. It’s great to work with Dan as he is capable of taking a project and running with it without being constantly supervised. Quality of work is excellent and always delivered in good time. Thanks, Dan.


Dan is very approachable and he really listens to what I want. He always tries to find ways to help me, spends the time I never feel rushed and I know I can trust him to do what he says. His work is top quality and I am extremely happy with my website and the social media support he gives me.

How to write website text

Learn how to write website text

Learn how to write text for your website with our free marketing guide.

Also receive our free downloads which include our marketing questionnaire, SEO, social, email and Google My Business guides.

Why choose WordPress?

Why WordPress?

  • Option to convert to eCommerce using WooCommerce.
  • As future proof as a website system can be (most web designers work with WordPress).
  • Want your site to do something a little different? There are hundreds of existing plug-ins available which will probably do what you need.
  • Easy to customise, unlike many other CMS (Content Management System) platforms.
  • Easy to update yourself without learning to code.
  • Connects easily with MailChimp and many other email marketing platforms.

Website related technical terms explained…

Press the yellow toggle button to the right of each question for more details.

In alphabetical order.


This involves looking at statistics of visitors and their journey through your website. This information should shape your SEO, website updates and changes. There are many types of software to help with this and a lot of them are free, for example, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Hotjar.

Call to action

Also, known as a call to arms is a marketing term used to describe a reason for the potential customer to act, contact you, buy or subscribe.


Stands for Content Management System. This allows the website owner to update text, images and add new pages without the need to learn website coding.

Heat map

This is a graphic (usually a screenshot of your website page) which shows where visitors click, scroll or hesitate. These are key to identifying problems or helping you decide to change your website page layout to increase clicks or make it easier for the visitor to find what they need.


Renting space on a computer server for your website. Usually charged on an annual basis. Faster hosting means better Google rankings and improved UX (User Experience). Most hosting is shared with other websites but you can have your own dedicated hosting (which can be much more expensive).

Gravity forms

A form building plug in for WordPress which allows you to create custom forms. This is a paid subscription service (but included with our websites and marketing packages).

Keyword research

This involves finding phrases that you would like your website to be found for. Popular programs to help do this are SE Ranking, Moz, Ubersuggest and Answer the Public.

Landing page

A term given to a website page where you are directing people to by email, social media or traditional marketing. It should be designed to convert as many visitors as possible for example email subscribers and event sign-ups. We believe all your pages should act as landing pages.


Originally just an email marketing service provider but now offering other services including direct mail, social advertising and more recently websites.

Meta Data

Consists of an HTML page title, keywords and description. Vital in attracting search engine traffic and click-throughs. If you search for something in Google and look at the results you will see the organic listings further down the page the top line is the page title and the text underneath is the meta description.

Organic search

Is a term given to searches using search engines which are not paid for.

Plug in

Describes a piece of software you can add to your website to perform a function it doesn’t already do. These vary in quality and as a general rule we wouldn’t recommend using too many as they can fail or if not updated leave your site more prone to hacking. Lots are free and some are paid. Some we couldn’t do without.


A Secure Sockets Layer certificate proves to website visitors that your website is safe to view and it enables an encrypted connection. You know a site has one when it displays as https and not http in your browser. A padlock is also shown before the https. Google’s Chrome browser will often show websites without one as not safe on the SERPs (search engine results pages).


A ready-made theme design created by a web developer. These vary in quality and can be free or paid. Using one can cause problems if you decide you want to update your design or website functionality.


A plug in which allows you to convert your WordPress site into an eCommerce website. Unless you are an experienced developer we wouldn’t recommend you attempt this.


A CMS (Content Management System). Widely regarded as the industry standard.

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