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Updated 9.6.20.

Why choose Vizcom for SEO?

Why choose us to increase your conversions?

  • We make sure your website ranks for the search phrases your customers are using.
  • We focus on the clicks your website is receiving and encourage more.
  • We analyse your site following the visitors’ journey and make website updates based on this interaction.
  • We add personality and reasons to contact or buy from you.
  • We make sure your website loads quickly.
  • We continually look for new phrases to add, track and convert.
  • We seek out link opportunities and contact them on your behalf.
  • We’ve been optimising websites for more than twenty years.
  • We don’t tie you into a contract.
  • We provide monthly (or fortnightly) traffic and ranking reports.
  • We’ll add more website pages if we see an opportunity to attract more visitors.
  • We audit your site so we can fix any technical flaws.
  • In-depth SEO is included within our marketing packages.

Our fixed price, pay monthly, SEO packages…

Best of breed SEO package
Best in show SEO package

*Initial monthly payment required. No contract or tie-in.

Examples of ongoing SEO projects

EV charge point installers

SEO traffic and clicks APi

Google traffic (year to date)

  • 33,855 clicks.
  • 85.7% from organic search.

HR Company

SEO results for HR Company

Google traffic (year to date)

  • 20,534 clicks.
  • 82.8% from organic search.

Car product retailer

Click stats for eCommerce business

Google traffic (year to date)

  • 14,375 clicks.
  • 61.7% from organic search.

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Our SEO process and methods

How we optimise your site

Technical SEO website audit

1. Website technical audit

We run a technical SEO audit and fix any flaws which may include:

  • Website speed.
  • Broken links.
  • Harmful links.
  • Pages not found (404 errors).
  • Pages with too many outgoing links.
  • Pages with not enough content.
  • Missing or poor meta data.
  • Missing Alt text.
  • Mobile-friendliness.
  • Duplicate content.
keyword research and competitor analysis

2. Keyword research and competitor analysis

  • We analyse your site and look at which phrases people are already using to find you.
  • We use these phrases and find similar ones using various pieces of software.
  • We also search for questions people are already asking which are related to your business.
  • All these phrases are added to our website reporting software to see how many clicks you receive and where you are ranking.
  • We benchmark your website against five of your competitors and analyse their websites too.
  • Initially, we target phrases which have a high search volume and low competition as well as local search terms.
  • We also search for phrases known as β€˜long-tail’ which can often result in the best enquiries.
website analysis of user's journey

3. In-depth analysis of your website users and their journey

  • We look at your web statistics, where users click and their journey through your site.
  • Using software we record live video and create heat maps.
  • These often highlight faults like hesitation and confusion.
  • This helps us update your site so it is easier for the visitor to find what they need and make contact.
  • Here is an example of a live recording of a website user interacting with one of our client’s websites.
Improve user experience and UI

4. Improve your website user experience (UX)

  • It is vital to position all important information where it is easy to find as visitors often only scan websites.
  • Making it easy to contact you (or find out more) is key as you only have a few seconds to gain your visitor’s trust.
  • Good descriptive text, appealing design, simple navigation and attractive images go a long way toward improving user experience.
  • We’ll give your site a personal touch because people β€˜buy from faces’ this is why the about us page is so popular.
  • We’ll add banners featuring your unique selling points and providing reasons to act.
  • We’ll add β€˜call-to-actions’ to every page to encourage visitors to make contact.
  • Website visitors are seeking information so we recommend including prices, photographs, videos, β€˜how-to’ guides and reviews.
  • Answering questions within your website will help provide the information your customers are seeking.
  • Providing answers will also increase the chance of being featured as a Google featured snippet which appear above 1st position.
link building to optimise

5. Link building to improve your Domain Authority (DA)

  • Link building is as important as website content when optimising a website.
  • It is all about the quality (and not the quantity) poor quality links can harm your website’s rankings and credibility.
  • We seek out opportunities to create links to your site from reputable and relevant sites.
  • We’ll discover which websites your customers visit and look to place links there.
  • We’ll examine your competitor’s links to see if there are opportunities there too.
  • After examining your link profile we’ll disavow any harmful links using Google’s disavow tool.
we improve your local SEO

6. Improve your local SEO

  • If you would like enquiries from specific areas then we’ll improve how your website performs for these type of queries.
  • We’ll create area specific pages which are unique and don’t contain duplicate content (which is penalised by Google).
  • We’ll update your Google My Business listing, add additional business categories and send out review requests on your behalf.
  • Having more positive reviews will encourage more enquires and improve credibility.
  • Read our post on How to ask for Google My Business reviews.
we repeat processes improving SEO

7. Analyse and repeat stages 1 to 6

  • We continually analyse, refine and repeat stages 1 to 6.
  • SEO is continuous and just because you are in first position doesn’t mean you will stay there indefinitely.
  • So It is important to update your site regularly, continue to optimise it and strengthen your positions.

SEO technical terms explained…

Press the yellow toggle button to the right of each question for more details.

In alphabetical order.

404 error

A 404 error is when one of your website pages can’t be found and can also be returned if a page doesn’t exist. It is important not to have any as they negatively affect user experience and search rankings.

Alt text

Alternative text is used to describe an image used on your website or within an email. Originally created for the visually impaired who use sight readers. It is important to make sure all your images have Alt text and to describe the image (not stuff it with keywords). Using five words or less is regarded as best practice.


In SEO terms this word describes the act of studying data using web monitoring software. Analysing where your clicks are coming from, what phrases your visitors are using and which pages are most popular will help improve your SEO.


A word commonly used in SEO, web design and social media used to describe your text and images.


What you deem as a conversion is up to you. Conversions can be completions of your contact form, phone calls or email sign-ups. They can be measured with Google Analytics.

Domain authority

Is a search engine ranking score which predicts how well a website might rank. One of the factors included in calculating DA is the quality of incoming links. Generally, domains with a high DA will appear higher in the results pages but this isn’t always the case.

Duplicate content

Used to describe text which is repeated on your website or other websites. Google can penalise your site if it is found to contain lots of duplicate content. Best practice is to make sure you have the minimum. Also if you feature on other websites then making sure your website text is not repeated will be beneficial.

Google featured snippet

Also known as position zero because it appears above the first organic listing. They appear larger than the organic listings and often with a photograph. Featured snippets are usually answers to questions which makes answering questions within your site important. Read our article on Why featured snippets are important.

Heat map

Usually a graphic representation of a particular page on your website. With areas which are clicked often highlighted in warmer colours. Used to analyse user behaviour and improve your website visitor’s experience.

Keyword research

Involves discovering phrases and keywords your customers are using to help increase website traffic. A constant process involving software and experience to pick our the correct phrases to target.


A term to describe linking to another website or website page. You can have incoming links, outgoing links or internal links. All three types of links will help your SEO. Incoming and outgoing links should be from quality websites. Internal links added if it will help provide more useful information to your visitors.


Used in conjuction with the word phrase to describe a long search term which could be a full sentence or question. Using this page as an example “SEO technical terms explained in plain English” would be a long-tail search term. They often bring quality enquiries as the searcher is being specific and showing intent.

Meta Data

Consists of an HTML page title, meta description and keywords. Used to describe your web page to search engines, searchers and website users. The better it is the more it will encourage click-throughs and without it your site will struggle to compete.

Organic search

Hasn’t been paid for and shows in the organic SERPs (search engine results pages).

Outgoing link

A web link to another website from yours. Best used to qualify information or credit the source. Outgoing links can be beneficial to SEO when used properly.


Where your website (or website page) is positioned within the search engine results pages.


Stands for search engine optimisation and involves lots of factors to increase your traffic, visibility and conversions.Β 


An abbreviation for user experience. It describes how users interact with your website. Improving UX will improve rankings, enquiries and conversions.

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Vizcom has worked with a number of my clients to improve their websites through search engine optimisation and has produced impressive results. Clients have reported much higher traffic to their sites and more sales. Vizcom demonstrates that SEO does not have to cost the earth and can be an excellent investment for many businesses.

πŸ€“ Knowledgeable

We’ve been working with Vizcom Design since late 2017 and contacted Dan after traffic to our site reduced significantly following a change in e-commerce providers. Dan is friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable. He’s been a great help to The Detailing Booth and in a short time Dan has produced some fantastic results which are highlighted in the monthly reports he sends us.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars!

5 Stars! Because Daniel and Vizcom provide the level of service that many others are sadly lacking. Vizcom amalgamated 2 comprehensive sites for us in very good time and we were extremely happy with the result. They provided excellent advice always, and continue to do so. After 6 months of dealing with other companies, who badly let us down – Vizcom were left to pick up the pieces – and did so – marvellously without fuss and efficiency. We look forward to continue working with Vizcom to optimise our online presence and to make the most of the hard work already achieved. Highly recommended

🌟 Brilliant

What a difference Dan at Vizcom has made to our business. We are a small holiday park that has in the past done very little advertising. We approached Dan with a small budget in mind which he worked with us on to get the most gains from both our website and Facebook activity and advertising. We have seen a massive jump in enquiries some turning in to sales. Dan is brilliant to work with everything we discuss is done extremely quickly and with top quality. We have completed a redesign of our website and Dan has created Facebook page, advertising and advice on operating it to its best. Dan is very creative also helping us with a new logo which we are very happy with. We would absolutely recommend Dan and Vizcom to anyone looking into creative design and advertising etc. Thank you Dan!

πŸ’Ό Professional

The main areas that have impressed me have been the ability to explain technical subjects in plain English and in a down-to-earth fashion; fast and efficient service, i.e. being able to contact them easily via email and phone and getting a speedy response to any query; professional but friendly approach with customers, and finally they were very good value for money.

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