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Why choose Vizcom to be your Bolton search engine optimisation Company?

Our goal with your website is to achieve Google UK first page rankings for as many relevant search terms as possible.

Climb the Google rankings

As an experienced Bolton search engine optimisation Company, we offer the following:

  • First of all, we provide a free SEO audit of your website (with no obligation).
  • All of the techniques we employ, we’ve used on our own website beforehand, and ensure that we test drive any new procedures before we use them on our clients’ sites.
  • We don’t just optimise your home page, we go through the entire site identifying as many factors within your site that can be optimised and thus encourage fresh and qualified traffic.
  • Vizcom has been optimising websites for more than ten years.

Dan the SEO man

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How do we optimise websites?

design and content

Design and Content

SEO has changed a lot over the last twenty years and is constantly evolving.

Many techniques that worked ten years ago and even four years ago no longer work and some of them can even cause harm to your rankings.

The quality of your design and content (text and images on your pages) has remained a constant factor in how your website is positioned.

This has been given even more importance because of Google’s latest changes.

Consider the following:

  • Is my website appealing and do people trust it?
  • Is it easy for visitors to find what they need, quickly?
  • Does it provide all the information they are looking for?

If you answered yes to all of the above, that’s great news.

If you answered no then we would recommend making some changes.

do visitors trust your website

How would Vizcom improve the design and appeal so visitors trust my website?

  • We’d make the site appear more personal.
  • Add a callback form, for browsers that are in a rush or viewing out of office hours.
  • Add a slideshow to your home page which includes banners featuring your unique selling points.
  • Once a visitor lands on your site they generally wait a few seconds whilst they decide whether or not they trust it. This is the perfect opportunity to prove to them that they are in the right place.
  • Your phone number would be prominently displayed.
  • A ‘call-to-action’ would be added to every page to encourage visitors to make contact.

Good descriptive text, appealing design, simple navigation and attractive images go a long way toward optimising your site.

Well, written text encourages people to not just stay, but for other sites to link to it too.

This helps with those vital search engine positions and brings qualified website traffic.


Ask yourself, what do my website visitors want to see?

  • Prices.
  • Photographs, illustrations, infographics and videos.
  • ‘How-to’ guides.
  • Testimonials and reviews.
  • Statistics.

What would make your visitors read on, make contact, subscribe to your newsletter, link to your website or share your information using social media?

How Vizcom improve content

improve your website content

  • If we see an opportunity to attract more traffic by adding additional pages, we’ll suggest it. This is usually highlighted after keyword research (which is explained below).
  • We build your web page content around a theme so if we find a suitable phrase we know will work well, similar phrases will be used on the same page to add ‘weight’ and authenticity to the targeted search terms.
  • Vizcom will provide reasons for visitors to act, share and link to your pages.
  • We add internal links to your web pages where they would benefit a visitor. This helps with SEO and provides the user with what they need.
  • We create links out if information needs to be qualified or is of use to the reader. This also helps with optimisation and visitor experience.

Keyword Research

It is vital to be found for the correct search terms and finding them can be time-consuming but incredibly worthwhile.

  • We use various pieces of software and combined with our experience we make sure we find the correct phrases for you to target.
  • Initially, we target phrases which have a high search volume and low competition.
  • We also search for phrases known as ‘long-tail’ which can often bring the best enquiries.

So if we use this page as an example:

Trying to rank for the phrase “Search Engine Optimisation” would be virtually impossible due to the massive amount of competition.

Ranking for “Search Engine Optimisation for small businesses” would be easier but still very difficult.

Choosing a ‘long-tail’ phrase like “Bolton based, search engine optimisation specialists” would be much easier and likely to generate the exact kind of enquiry we are seeking.

attracting visitors to your website

Attracting visitors and link building

There are hundreds of ways of doing this, here are a few we recommend:

  • Who do you know in a related business you could swap links with?
  • Research competitor’s links
  • Google pay per click
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • You Tube
  • Google Places
  • Email marketing
  • Press releases
  • Forums
  • Banner advertising

Technical SEO

technical SEO

This is generally ‘on-site’ optimisation and is also vital to complement the above.

Here is a list of what we use and do, there are quite a few technical terms used which are explained in more detail, further on.

  • Install Google Analytics.
  • Install Google Webmaster Tools, check for penalties and malware.
  • Check to see if the website is mobile friendly using Google’s Mobile Friendly test.
  • Check website download speed and recommend new hosting (if slow).
  • Disavow or remove incoming links which are causing harm.
  • Update meta data on all pages to make searchers want to click.
  • Add Alt text to all images.
  • Add a Canonical tag to every page.
  • Check for non-www. versions in Google’s index and create 301 re-directs.
  • Check for duplicate content on the website.
  • Check for duplicate content on other websites.
  • Simplify checkout procedure.
  • Check for broken links within the site.
  • Remove links from website footer.


At Vizcom, we also try and encourage businesses to take an interest in SEO.

We publish new website marketing ideas regularly and add them to our SEO Tips page.

A lot of these tips are simple, free procedures and all have been tried and tested by us, so we know they work.

Dan wrote the following article SEO for beginners have a read and understand the basics.


We provide fortnightly or monthly reports which will detail your website rankings, incoming links, and traffic.

Using this information we make changes (if required) on a weekly basis.

what our SEO clients think

What our clients say about our SEO services

“After just over a week, my site is in the first couple of positions on the Google search pages. As a result of this, I have had several very good enquiries and received an order which will pay for the work.”

Copy Print Services, Bolton.

“I’d spoke to lots of Bolton Search Engine Optimisation companies before Vizcom and got at least one call a week from companies who promised to get me number one in Google, SEO seems to be the new double glazing! It wasn’t until I got my free website report and met Vizcom that I was convinced they were the right company to trust. My website is now number one in Google for the search term Nursery Toys, ahead of Mothercare.”

Essentials for Education, Bolton.

“We had tried several Bolton Search Engine Optimisation companies before and it didn’t really work, we got very few enquiries. We met with Vizcom and they explained what they would do and how our website could be improved. After just 3 weeks we started to get more website enquiries, orders, and phone calls.”

Motors and Drives, Warrington.

technical SEO terms explained

Technical Terms Explained (in alphabetical order)

  • 301 re-direct: Re-directs a web page to another page.
  • Alt text: Text to describe an image, originally designed for web users with sight problems.
  • Banner advertising: Clickable advertising on other websites.
  • Blog: A series of articles, diary or tips.
  • Canonical tag: A piece of code to tell search engines to only index this page and no other version of it.
  • Content: Text and images displayed on a web page.
  • Disavow: A request made through Webmaster Tools to ignore the incoming link.
  • Download speed: The time it takes for a web page to show on screen.
  • Duplicate content: Text which is repeated on your website or other websites.
  • Forums: Online chat rooms where people share information.
  • Google Analytics: Website reporting software.
  • Google pay per click: Also known as Google Adwords. Paid for advertisements which appear in the search results and on other websites.
  • Google Places: Now known as ‘Google my business’ is a page about your business which will show in the local search results.
  • Google Webmaster Tools: Software which highlights technical issues and allows you to request changes to how Google views your site.
  • Home Page: The main page of your website.
  • Hosting: Allows you to rent space on a computer server so people can view your site.
  • Infographics: Illustrations which provide visual information.
  • Internal links: Links to another web page within your site.
  • Links: A mention of a website or page which is clickable and takes the user to it.
  • Long-tail: A search phrase which is long, descriptive and specific.
  • Meta data: Text which describes a web page.
  • Mobile friendly: Functions properly on a mobile or tablet device.
  • Moz: A company who offers advice and software to help with optimisation.
  • Navigation: How visitors find their way around your site.
  • Non www: Your site can sometimes display different versions of your URL (web address) for example and
  • ‘On-site’ optimisation: Technical and content changes made to your website.
  • Rankings: Where a website is positioned in a search engine’s results pages.
  • Search terms: Phrases and words used to find websites in a search engine.
  • Slideshow: A collection of animated graphics or text often in banner form.
  • Traffic: Visits to a website.


Dan the SEO man

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