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6 minute read – Updated 28.1.19

grow your small business

No marketing plans full of jargon – just action and no-nonsense advice

We use our extensive marketing skills and experience to grow your small business

The Digital Marketing MixWhat is digital marketing?

In a nutshell, it is similar to conventional marketing but conducted online.

There are many ways available to digitally market your business and we have tried the vast majority.

After years of experimenting, testing and promoting we have combined the most effective into flexible small business growth packages.

We love helping businesses grow

Our digital marketing campaigns have one main goal

Increase visitors to your website and convert them into sales

We know every business is different because we’ve been helping them since 1996

Some marketing methods will be more effective than others.

After learning more about your company and your competition we’ll have a good idea of what will be effective.

But at the beginning, we try all the methods listed below as occasionally we’ve been surprised.

Our packages are flexible and so are we

When a particular type of marketing is working well we’ll devote more time to it.

If something new arrives on the scene you can be sure we’ll test it (and if it works) we’ll implement it for you.

Free up your time and increase your sales …

Our three small business growth packages

(more detailed information on each service is listed below)

Silver digital business growth package

Silver business growth package

  • Google Adwords campaign*.
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook and Facebook advertising*.
  • Google My Business update and review requests.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Email marketing.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • Regular website updates to convert visitors into leads.

£249 per month

*Advertising budget paid and limit set by you.

Dan our Digital Marketing man

For more on our Silver package – call Dan on 01204 591015 or click to send him a message

Gold digital business growth package

Gold business growth package

  • PPC (Google Adwords – Pay Per Click)*.
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook and Facebook advertising*.
  • Google My Business update and review requests.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Email marketing.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • Regular website updates to convert visitors into leads.
  • New WordPress website and 1 year’s hosting (if required).

£349 per month

*Advertising budget paid and limit set by you.

Dan our Digital Marketing man

For more on our Gold package – call Dan on 01204 591015 or click to send him a message

Platinum business growth package

  • PPC (Google Adwords – Pay Per Click) £200 budget included.
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook and Facebook advertising (£100 budget included).
  • Google My Business update and review requests.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Email marketing.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • Regular website updates to convert visitors into leads.
  • New WordPress website, 1 year’s hosting and SSL certificate installation (if required).

£449 per month

Dan our Digital Marketing man

For more on our Platinum package – call Dan on 01204 591015 or click to send him a message

What’s included?

(no monthly contracts or tie-ins)

Google Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC (Google Adwords – Pay Per Click)

Our ad campaigns focus on what are known as ‘long-tail’ phrases with low competition.

Using this page as an example a ‘long-tail’ phrase would be ‘digital marketing packages for small businesses in the UK’.

We do this to get more from your budget and generate the exact kind of leads you are seeking.

Twitter account management


We target phrases, areas and #hashtags which are relevant to your business and start to follow them.

Using industry-leading social software we’ll receive an instant alert if someone mentions something you sell or talks about an area, town or city you want to attract customers from.

These phrases and areas are evaluated and updated on a regular basis.

Vizcom doesn’t use the ‘hard sell’ approach in social media as we believe it is important to build relationships and earn trust first.

Providing advice, useful tips and the occasional sales message works well for our clients.

For more details on our social media services click small business social media marketing

Facebook and Facebook Advertising

Despite its recent problems, Facebook is still number one when it comes to how long a user stays and how many times they visit it.

Due to the way Facebook now displays posts that you might be interested in, to increase engagement you really need Facebook advertising.

This is still relatively cheap (but rumoured to increase in price soon).

The beauty of Facebook advertising are the targeting options.

You can target by age, area, interests and much more.

This means your advert is being seen by exactly the type of people who you want to become your customers.

As your page increases in popularity so will your enquiries and brand awareness.

For social media ideas and tips read Dan’s blog post social media marketing ideas for small business

Google My Business review requests

Google My Business and review requests

Have you ever searched for something on Google using your mobile and been shown results for companies which are near you on Google Maps?

These are known as local search results.

The ones with the most positive reviews will stand out and are often ranked higher.

You may already have a Google My Business page but how many reviews do you have?

Improving what is known as ‘local search’ is crucial if you want to attract more local business.

You can also compete for more difficult search terms on a local basis if your listing is improved.

We’ll update or create your listing, add photos, descriptions, services and add phrases your customers will use to find you.

We then send out emails on behalf of your business asking for reviews.

The more positive ones you receive the more likely you are to attract visitors to your website and increase phone calls and leads.

Here’s an article on how we do it How do I get Google reviews for my business?

LinkedIn management and regular posts


Often known as ‘Facebook for business’ this platform is ideal if you are a ‘business to business’ company.

We’ll upload your email contacts and connect with them.

We’ll post articles about your business and share posts which your connections will read and react to.

Email marketing

Email Marketing

One of the most effective direct marketing methods.

We’ll upload your contacts to MailChimp and clean your data (if required).

Our campaigns will provide useful information and tips.

Just like social media the ‘hard-sell’ is not the best approach.

We’ll monitor open rates, clicks (who clicked what and when) and which campaigns were the most successful.

Using this information we’ll group your contacts and send them targeted emails they will be interested in and act upon.

Click this link to see an example email

For more on our email marketing services please visit email marketing.

For tips and advice on how to get the most from your email marketing click email marketing strategies for small business

Search Engine Optimisation that works

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

There is a lot written on this subject and much of it is conflicting and untrue.

Many SEO companies promise the earth but some are only interested in signing you up to a contract and then moving on to the next sale.

We don’t do that!

We start by analysing your site and fixing any technical issues.

We target phrases and keywords your customers are using and optimise your website to make sure you rank highly and receive visitors.

We don’t stop there though we monitor clicks and take note of what phrases are being used to find your website and which pages are most people visiting.

Monthly reports are provided which show the number of clicks, rankings and how you compare to your competition.

We continually search for new phrases and update your website so it ranks for as many as possible.

Chances are you found this page by searching in Google using a phrase like…

Marketing packages for small business UK” or “Digital marketing packages for small businesses“.

That was no accident as these are just some of the phrases our potential customers are using.

We’ll find the phrases your customers are using and get you found.

For more about SEO click Search Engine Optimisation by Vizcom.

Fancy a go yourself? This article will help you get started SEO for beginners

UX and UI website improvements

UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface)

OK, so all your marketing efforts are starting to bring traffic to your website.

Your visitor needs to have a positive website experience.

They’ve landed on your site via Google, social media or one of your emails.

Your website visitor is in a hurry and needs to know you can do the job and that they can trust you.

If you’ve not convinced them of this in the first few seconds then you will probably lose the sale.

Your website must do the work now.

We analyse what is included on your website’s pages and where your visitors are landing using Hotjar.

This clever software shows what your website visitors are doing when they land on your pages.

Where they click, where they go next and where they hesitate.

It creates heatmaps and records videos of their behaviour.

We use this information to improve your website conversions.

Then we add or move the important information to the top, along with an effective ‘call to action’ message and personalised photo.

We believe people ‘buy from faces’ and the days of small businesses pretending to be larger ones have long gone.

Your website’s information is clearly laid out and made easier to read with headings and images.

You may have heard of the term ‘landing pages’.

We believe every page of your website should be a landing page and each one should convert visitors into leads or sales.

We will make sure yours does just that and will target different search terms for each page.

To see examples of websites we’ve created that convert visitors into leads click WordPress websites by Vizcom

To find out more about how Vizcom can help your business grow

Call Dan on 01204 591 015 or click to get in touch

Here is what one of our valued client’s said…

“What a difference Dan and the team at Vizcom has made to our business!

We are a small holiday park that has in the past done very little advertising.

We approached Dan with a small budget in mind to get the most gains from both our website, social media and advertising.

We have seen a massive jump in enquiries many of which have turned into sales.

Dan is brilliant to work with everything we discuss is done quickly and without any fuss. 

Thank you, Dan!”