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Updated 2.10.20.

Digital marketing packages

Affordable, flexible, pay monthly…

Best of breed marketing package
Best in show marketing package

*Initial payment required. Best of Breed Β£550 plus Vat. Best in Show Β£700 plus Vat. Paid monthly. No contract or tie-in.

**Advertising budget and limit set and paid by you.

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Key marketing questions to ask yourself…

Press the yellow toggle button to the right of each question for more details.

1. What do you do?

An obvious one but important to be clear.

2. How is your brand perceived?

What do your customers (and potential customers) really think of your business and brand?

Do they think you are expensive, cheap, upmarket, reliable, trustworthy, etc?

What are the most common comments in your reviews, emails or conversations?

3. How would you like to be perceived?

Based on what your customers say are you happy with how they see you or do you think they are wrong?

Would you like to change their perceptions?

4. What sets your business apart from the rest?

You may offer something different or much better than your competition.

When somebody says something nice what do they usually say?

5. My ideal customer is and why?

You will have customers who are more profitable than others, easier to deal with or who always have nice things to say about you.

Is there a specific demographic, age, gender, profession, etc?

Why are they ideal?

6. What is most important to your ideal customer when buying?

It could be price, service, speed, choice, your brand, offers, communication, convenience, location, latest products, availability, all of these or something else.

Pick your top three if possible.

7. What will trigger your ideal customer to think of you?

When is it that they need you or your product or service?

How can you make sure they choose you at that stage?

8. Competitors – what do they do better than you and why?

Do they offer different services?

Do some of your customers buy from them for a reason?

Do they offer something unique?

9. What problems do you solve for customers?

How do you make their lives easier?

What do they often say after they’ve used your product or service?

10. What is your primary competitive advantage?

What do you offer that they don’t?

What do you do better than them and why?

11. What is your sample offer to first time customers?

Do you offer a discount?

Do you run a referral or a loyalty scheme?

12. Where does the most of your business come from?

Is it social media, your website, advertising, email or referrals from existing customers?

13. What is the largest stumbling block in generating new business?

Are customers sometimes put off buying from you?

What do they always ask before and after buying?

When they don’t buy do they say why and what do they say?

14. What do your existing or new customers often ask you?

Is it available now?

Is there a guarantee?

Who else uses it?

Do you offer after sales support?

How much is delivery?

How quickly can I have it?

Who can I speak to if something goes wrong?

Or something else?

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers we can help by asking your customers with a MailChimp survey.

Download these questions as a Word Document and also receive all of our marketing ‘how to’ guides.

Why Vizcom for digital marketing

Free up your time and concentrate on what you do best

  • We know every business is different because we’ve been helping them grow since 1996.
  • Some marketing methods and platforms will be prove more effective than others.
  • After understanding more about your company (and your competition) we’ll have a good idea of what will work.
  • Our packages are flexible and so are we.
  • When a particular type of marketing is working well we devote more time to it.
  • If a new marketing method arrives on the scene you can be sure we’ll test it (and if it works) we’ll implement it for you.

Scroll down for more details on each marketing service

Included in our digital marketing packages…

WordPress website included in package

A new WordPress website

Custom built and designed to convert clicks into customers

  • A custom-built and fast WordPress website (included in the Best in Show digital marketing package).
  • Packed full of personality with unique caricature illustrations of your team members.
  • Designed to attract the right kind of visitors and turn clicks into customers.
  • Optimised, analysed and constantly updated.
  • Enticing ‘call-to-actions’ to encourage enquiries.
  • Thank you page with your email sign up link and social media profiles included.
  • Annual fast and relaible hosting and a SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer).
  • Monthly SEO and website traffic reports.
  • Gravity forms created with the option to download submission data.
  • Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Yoast, WP Smush and Hotjar software installed.

Examples of WordPress sites we’ve developed

All these sites load under 3 seconds

Solutions for HR

example website included in package

aba Insurance Services

web design included in package

APi Electrical

Wordpress websites included in package
email marketing included in package

Targeted and effective email marketing

By certified and recognised MailChimp experts

  • Vizcom are 1 of only 30 recognised MailChimp experts in the UK.
  • Our campaigns consistently produce double (and sometimes triple) industry average open and click rates.
  • We create and design email surveys to find out what your customers think and want.
  • We’ll suggest and implement proven ways of growing your mailing list.
  • Vizcom are trained and experienced graphic designers so your emails will look beautiful too.
  • Database uploads, contact cleaning and tagging.
  • Attractive and effective sign-up form creation.
  • Email automation, welcome emails, follow up emails, dropped checkout emails, etc.

Examples of our email campaigns

Beauty products

email marketing included in package

Car product retailer

MailChimp emails included in package

Electric car chargers

email campaigns included in package

Printing company

emails included in your marketing
SEO included in marketing package

In-depth search engine optimisation (SEO)

Focused on clicks and not just rankings

  • We target phrases and keywords your customers are using.
  • Focusing on clicks we optimise your website to make sure you receive the right kind of visitors.
  • Monthly reports are provided which show the number of clicks, rankings and how you compare to your competition.
  • We continually search for new phrases and update your website so it ranks for as many as possible.

Here are three examples of ongoing SEO projects


Google Analytics Overview for APi
  • 40 phrases in 1st position.
  • 107 phrases in top 3 positions.
  • 45k clicks over the past year.
  • All phrases tracked are clicks to the website.

Human Resources

Google Analytics Overview for Solutions
  • 54 phrases in 1st position.
  • 95 phrases in top 3 positions.
  • 20k clicks over the past year.
  • All phrases tracked are clicks to the website.

eCommerce retailer

Google Analytics Overview for Retailer
  • 27 phrases in 1st position.
  • 56 phrases in top 3 positions.
  • 93.5k clicks over the past year.
  • All phrases tracked are clicks to the website.
analysis included in marketing package

Analysis and user experience (UX)

Studying your customers’ journey through your site

  • We analyse your website’s pages and where your visitors are landing using Hotjar.
  • This clever software shows how your website visitors interact with your site.
  • It creates heatmaps and records videos of their behaviour.
  • We use this information to improve your website conversions.
  • Then we add or move the important information to make it easier to find.
  • Every page of your website should be a ‘landing page’ and convert visitors into enquiries.
video analysis included in marketing

If you watched the video you will see the visitor through particular service page (because that page is optimised).

They stay on the page for 3 minutes and 23 seconds and most of that time is spent completing the contact form.

video analysis and heatmaps included

If you watched the video you will see that the visitor enters through a particular product page

They are on the site for 1 minutes and 24 seconds and make a purchase.

watch visitors interacting with website

If you watched the video you will see that the visitor enters though their comparison page (which is the most popular page on their website).

They are on the site for 2 minutes and 23 seconds.

Google My Business marketing

Google My Business

Improve your credibility, enquiries and local SEO.

Have you ever searched for something on Google using your mobile and been shown results for companies which are near you on Google Maps?

These are known as local search results.

The ones with the most positive reviews will stand out and are often ranked higher.

You may already have a Google My Business page but how many reviews do you have?

Improving what is known as β€˜local search’ is crucial if you want to attract more local business.

You can also compete for more difficult search terms on a local basis if your listing is improved.

We’ll update or create your listing, add photos, descriptions, services and add phrases your customers will use to find you.

We then send out emails on behalf of your business asking for reviews.

The more positive ones you receive the more likely you are to attract visitors to your website and increase phone calls and leads.

Google My Business accounts we manage

EV Charger Installers

Google My Business updates included
  • 4.9 ⭐ rating.
  • 93 reviews.

Actions taken in last quarter

  • 331 website clicks
  • 64 phone calls

Caravan Park

Google My Business review requests
  • 4.5 ⭐ rating
  • 47 reviews.

Actions taken in last quarter

  • 653 website clicks
  • 19 phone calls

HR Company

Google My Business management included
  • 5 ⭐ rating.
  • 21 reviews.

Actions taken in last quarter

  • 90 website clicks
  • 21 phone calls
LinkedIn included in marketing package

LinkedIn account and company page management

Make useful connections and get noticed

  • Businesses use this platform to source new suppliers.
  • We upload your email contacts, connect with them or invite them to join.
  • We make connections with people who may become customers.
  • We post articles about your business and share posts which your connections will read and react to.
  • We’ll update or create you a LinkedIn Company page, invite your connections to follow it and add a sign up link.

Examples of LinkedIn accounts we manage

APi Electrical

LinkedIn included in marketing package

2144 Connections

802 Company Page Followers

Solutions for HR

LinkedIn management in marketing package

2456 Connections

862 Company Page Followers

aba Group

marketing package includes LinkedIn

1520 Connections

550 Company Page Followers

Facebook included in marketing package

Facebook and Facebook advertising

Engage your followers and encourage sign ups

Since Facebook made changes to what you see advertising is essential to make sure you are noticed.

We believe that the number of likes or follows your page has is just vanity and we focus more on encouraging your followers to interact.

If your followers don’t regularly like your posts and interact with your page they are unlikely to see what you are posting.

So we promote your email sign up button so we can market to your followers with email.

We also use targeted Facebook advertising to promote your sign up button.

Facebook pages we help manage

Nail product retailer

Facebook included in marketing package


Caravan park

Facebook included with digital marketing


Instagram included in marketing package

Instagram posts, stories and advertising.

Beautiful posts and thoughtful questions

We believe it is more about the quality of the images and posts you create rather than the quantity.

Users scroll through photos on their phones and don’t usually stop to look or read unless your image grabs their attention.


So with that in mind we make sure your posts are eye catching and grab attention.

To encourage email sign ups we’ll update your profile and add a sign up link.


Instagram accounts we help manage


Instagram included in marketing package



Instagram included in digital marketing


Twitter included in marketing package


Discover people who mention your targeted phrases

  • Our social software allows us to track phrases, words or hashtags that your potential customers may be using.
  • We can set this to either a 5, 10, 15, 25 or 40km radius of your business (or chosen location).
  • Or we can focus on the whole of the UK, another county or target worldwide. Both options can be updated.
  • We follow people who mention these phrases in the hope they follow back.
  • When they do follow back we strike up conversations and build trust.
  • We create custom Gif files to thank followers for following or sharing your tweets.


Twitter accounts we manage

Insurance Brokers

Twitter included in digital marketing

Statistics for the last year

  • 54,081 impressions
  • 702 engagements

Employment Law

Twitter included in digital marketing

Statistics for the last year

  • 158,874 impressions
  • 1,632 engagements

Electrical Products

Twitter included in marketing package

Statistics for the last year

  • 34,004 impressions
  • 487 engagements
Google Adverts included in marketing

Google Adwords

More conversions for your money

  • We use phrases which are used regularly but without particularly high bids.
  • We then create adverts which are specific and encourage clicks.
  • We make sure the advert leaves the reader in no doubt of what is on offer and what it costs.
  • We monitor your campaign to see what adverts are working and which ones need adjusting.
  • We add and remove keywords as your campaign progresses.
  • Your campaign is demographically targeted and country specific.
  • We also install Google Analytics on your website and link it to your campaign so we can see which adverts resulted in the most sales.
  • Your campaigns are split into individual groups with their own keywords assigned to them.
YouTube included in digital marketing

YouTube channel set up and management

Get the most from the second most popular social media platform

People love to watch videos online and that is one of the reasons that YouTube is the second most popular social channel.

Videos are statistically more effective than standard posts.

‘How to’ videos are very popular as viewers want to solve their problems.

Video also adds personality to your website and can help gain trust.

We’ll create your channel, update it and upload your videos.

We’ll then promote those videos on othe social channels too.

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What a difference Dan at Vizcom has made to our business. We are a small holiday park that has in the past done very little advertising. We approached Dan with a small budget in mind which he worked with us on to get the most gains from both our website and Facebook activity and advertising. We have seen a massive jump in enquiries some turning in to sales. Dan is brilliant to work with everything we discuss is done extremely quickly and with top quality. We have completed a redesign of our website and Dan has created Facebook page, advertising and advice on operating it to its best. Dan is very creative also helping us with a new logo which we are very happy with. We would absolutely recommend Dan and Vizcom to anyone looking into creative design and advertising etc. Thank you Dan!

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