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Why Vizcom for social media

Our promise to you

  • We’ll use social to help build relationships, gain trust, improve brand credibility and recognition.
  • We’ll create scheduled posts using custom graphics to engage your followers.
  • We’ll target potential customers using geographic areas, specific industries, interests and job titles.
  • We’ll coordinate campaigns across all channels with a slightly different approach to each.
  • We’ll reply to all messages, posts and thank new followers.
  • We’ll make sure your social profile brand is consistent and personalised.
  • We’ll create you a Mailchimp sign up form and an automatic welcome email promoting your business.
  • We’ll encourage email subscribers and include a sign-up link in each of your profiles.
  • We’ll research and use hashtags to increase your following and engagement.
  • We’ll provide comprehensive reports detailing clicks, comments, shares and engagement.
  • No contract or tie in.

Flexible, pay monthly, social media packages…

Think of us as your very own Public Relations department

Invest in one of our social media packages and we’ll firstly produce a tailored marketing report which will include our feedback on your current marketing, website, social profiles and suggestions on how to improve. We’ll also make recommendations and include our ideas on how we can maximise the return on your investment. Below are typical kinds of social activities that we regularly work on. Our report will include what we believe will work for you.

Best of breed social media package
Best in show social package

*Plus Vat. Initial payment required. Paid monthly. No contract.


What a difference Dan at Vizcom has made to our business. We are a small holiday park that has in the past done very little advertising. We approached Dan with a small budget in mind which he worked with us on to get the most gains from both our website and Facebook activity and advertising. We have seen a massive jump in enquiries some turning in to sales. Dan is brilliant to work with everything we discuss is done extremely quickly and with top quality. We have completed a redesign of our website and Dan has created Facebook page, advertising and advice on operating it to its best. Dan is very creative also helping us with a new logo which we are very happy with. We would absolutely recommend Dan and Vizcom to anyone looking into creative design and advertising etc. Thank you Dan!


Dan is very approachable and he really listens to what I want. He always tries to find ways to help me, spends the time I never feel rushed and I know I can trust him to do what he says. His work is top quality and I am extremely happy with my website and the social media support he gives me.

Always on hand

Thanks Dan for your great work over the 10 years we have worked together. You are always on hand; professional, knowledgeable and reliable. Solutions for HR wouldn’t know what to do without you!


Dan has been working with us for several months and now is an integral part of our team. He is very professional, responsive and proactive. It’s great to work with Dan as he is capable of taking a project and running with it without being constantly supervised. Quality of work is excellent and always delivered in good time. Thanks, Dan.

Engage and increase your followers

Engage and increase your followers right now

Grow and engage your following with our free social media marketing guide.

Also receive our other free PDF downloads including our marketing questionnaire, SEO, email, website content and Google My Business.

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Included in our social media packages…

email automation included in social

Email automation

Grow and engage your contacts using social

  • We’ll grow your email contacts using social.
  • We’ll create a subscriber sign-up form.
  • The sign-up link will be added to your social profiles.
MailChimp certified

Examples of sign up forms

Young Nails UK

sign up form included in social

Pentre Mawr

Social package includes sign up

Creative Tax Reliefs

automation included in social package


sign up form for social
LinkedIn included in social packages

LinkedIn personal profile and company page management

Connect with potential customers

  • If you sell business to business then LinkedIn is an ideal platform.
  • We’ll upload your contacts’ email addresses and invite them to connect.
  • We’ll make connections with people who match your customer profile.
  • We will create engaging posts and share content your network will appreciate.
  • If you have a LinkedIn company page we’ll update it or if you don’t we’ll create one for you.
  • We’ll regularly invite your connections to follow your company page.
  • We’ll add a sign-up link to your company page to encourage email subscribers.
  • We will send out recommendation requests to your connections.

LinkedIn accounts we manage

APi personal profile

LinkedIn included in social package

3585 Connections

Solutions personal profile

LinkedIn personal profile social management

3021 Connections

aba personal profile

personal profile included in social

2186 Connections

Company page

LinkedIn included in social package


Statistics (last year)

  • 10,993 impressions
  • 362 engagements
  • 205 post link clicks

Company page

LinkedIn management in social package


Statistics (last year)

  • 14,635 impressions
  • 639 engagements
  • 243 post link clicks

Company page

social package includes LinkedIn


Statistics (last year)

  • 6,728 impressions
  • 256 engagements
  • 48 post link clicks
Facebook included in social package


Engage your following

  • Facebook changed the way it displays posts within your feed.
  • Now you only see what you regularly interact with or pages you visit (unless you’ve adjusted your settings).
  • This means growing a following is harder now and will probably require Facebook advertising.
  • Our goal is to get your followers to interact with your posts.
  • We do this so they are more likely to buy and see your content.
  • Running competitions, creating polls and asking relevant questions are thee of the ways we improve engagement.
  • Using Facebook advertising can be really effective because of the targeting options.
  • To make your advertising effective we focus on your typical customer demographic.
  • We look at age, gender, interests and geographic areas to target.
  • If you have a list of email contacts then we can advertise to these people or re-target your website visitors.
  • To reach potential new customers we create look-a-like audiences and advertise to this group.

We help manage these Facebook pages

Young Nails

Facebook included in social packages


Vitamin retailer

Facebook included in social media package


Pentre Mawr

Facebook with social media package


Instagram included in marketing package

Instagram and Instagram advertising

Stunning posts and intelligent questions

  • Our goal is to only post good quality images which grab attention.
  • If there is the slightest doubt over the content then we won’t post it.
  • Instagram users scroll through their accounts and usually only stop to look if they like the image.


  • We concentrate on giving the user a reason to act or comment.
  • We regularly promote and update your sign up button and link.
  • We do this to increase your contacts and also promote your business with email marketing.


We help manage the following Instagram accounts

Young Nails

Instagram included with social media


Cherry Blossom

social media package includes Instagram


Troo Health Care

social media package Instagram included


Northern Gardener

The Northern Gardener Instagram Profile


Twitter included with social media

Twitter management

Connect with people who tweet your ‘trigger’ words

  • We use Sprout social management software which allows us to track your ‘trigger words’ and hashtags.
  • ‘Trigger’ words are what your potential customers are using in their tweets.
  • So if your customers belong to a certain profession, location or use a particular hashtag we’ll know instantly.
  • We can configure this so we are notified when someone tweets within a 5,10, 15 or 25 mile radius of your post code.
  • We can update our social software to focus on different geographic areas and add new trigger words.
  • When a Twitter user mentions your trigger word we check their profile and follow them.
  • If they follow back we say thank you and begin to build a relationship.
  • This process allows us to increase your following with users who match your ideal customer profile.
  • We prefer to focus on the type and quality of follower and not the amount.

We manage the following Twitter accounts

Nail products

social media package includes Twitter

Statistics (last year)

  • 32,271 impressions.
  • 231 engagements.
  • 36 post link clicks.

Solutions for HR

social media package Twitter included

Statistics (last year)

  • 24,515 impressions.
  • 323 engagements.
  • 60 post link clicks.

APi Electrical

Social media package includes Twitter

Statistics (last year)

  • 21,953 impressions.
  • 404 engagements.
  • 73 post link clicks.

aba Group

Twitter included with social media

Statistics (last year)

  • 4,497 impressions.
  • 140 engagements.
  • 12 post link clicks.


Twitter included with social media

Statistics (last year)

  • 52,862 impressions.
  • 402 engagements.
  • 59 post link clicks.
YouTube included with social media

YouTube channel management

Discover a whole new audience on the second most popular social channel

  • Videos are the most popular types of social post.
  • As well as being entertaining YouTube videos are used to help solve problems.
  • Videos that explain how to do something are often searched for and can be a great opportunity.
  • Not only do they promote your business they also increase visitors to your website.
  • They don’t have to be professionally filmed as long as they are easy to understand and solve a problem they’ll be effective.
  • They help to add personality to your website and gain trust too.
  • If you already have a YouTube channel we’ll update your profile or create one for you.

Social media terms explained…

Press the yellow toggle button to the right of each question for more details.


A connection is a word given to somebody you connect with on LinkedIn.

Ideally, they are someone who may become a customer or share your content.

Email automation

This involves a subscriber signing up for your email and being sent a welcome email.

It can be used in many ways for more details on automation visit our email marketing page.


This term is used to describe how often your followers interact with your posts.


Used to describe your social platform followers.

Hashtag marketing

Hashtags are used with the symbol # and just like accounts you can follow hashtags.

They are mainly used on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to attract new followers and describe the post content.

LinkedIn network

Are all of your connections (contacts you are connected with).

You can invite your LinkedIn network to follow your company page.

Here is our company page.


A word which describes your current details on a social platform.

Consists of a profile photo, cover photo, name, web address and contact button.

On most profiles, your contact button can be changed to sign up, shop now, message me, etc.

Recommendation requests

LinkedIn has a facilty which allows you to send out recommendation requests.

Review requests are available for Facebook and Google My Business but need to be sent manually.


A story is a short clip which can be a video.

Used on Instagram and Facebook to further engage your followers.

Trigger word

A word or phrase you target to find new followers.

Most social software providers offer this as a facility with instant notification.

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