Does your business rely heavily on local customers?

Are you making the most out of local search enquiries?

You can improve how you are perceived and generate more enquiries fairly easily.

2 minute read – updated 18.3.19

Get more Google reviews

How can I get Google reviews for my business?

Ask for a review, most people will be happy to leave one and to make it easier why not offer an incentive?

Incentives could include:

  • A discount coupon or money off their next order
  • Free gift
  • A review in return (if they own a business)

Google Places/Google My Business

Do you have a business listing on Google Maps?

If yes then you are halfway there, if not be sure to look for your business on Google and claim your business listing.

Ours looks like this

Vizcom Google Places listing

You will notice that your business has or hasn’t got reviews.

Positive reviews will help your business appear more trustworthy and encourage more clicks and phone calls.

How do I get Google reviews for my business?

Send them a customer review request email

Just completed a project or did one of your customers say something nice?

Ask them to leave a review.

  1. Click here:
  2. Type in the name of your business where it says enter your location and click on your listing.
  3. Underneath your listing, there will be a code next to Place ID.
  4. Copy and paste the code and add to the end of this link:
  5. You can use a URL shortener if you want to make your email look a little neater.

When you have done this the link will take people directly to the section to leave a review here’s ours >

If you’ve used us before and like what we do feel free to leave us a review (Well if you don’t ask!).

Vizcom Google Places listing share

Don’t forget to ask existing customers to leave a review

Here is a feedback request email sample

Dear (Insert name)

Thanks for choosing us and we hope you were happy with our service/purchase.

If you could spare a few minutes would you mind leaving us a review?

Just click here (insert URL you copied from your Google Places listing)

It will really help us!

Thanks in advance

(Insert name)

Make sure your Google Places listing is up to date with opening hours, website and anything else you think that may be relevant.


Add photos of your staff, products, and building.

This will help your customers and show you are active.

You can download Google My Business on your phone and upload directly from there.

Make it a habit, the more photos the better!


If you receive a positive review make sure you respond and thank them.

If you receive a negative review be sure to respond professionally.

Don’t be angry (just take a deep breath) just answer the points they made and offer an apology.

I found this great article which will help > How to remove fake Google reviews

If you respond to a negative review in the right way then this will further enhance your credibility (we are all human).


If you have a Facebook page ask for reviews there too (as these will also help).

Go to your Facebook page and click the reviews button, copy and paste the link from the browser bar and repeat the above process.

Good luck!

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