If you only do five things to your website, updating your content should definitely be one of them!

  • Call them site traffic, visitors, or customers, but human beings are one-half of the balance that your website home page needs to achieve in order to work successfully.
  • Humans have specific needs – when they arrive at a website, they expect to find the information they’re searching for within seconds.
  • Ultimately, they’re your customers, and you need to provide the information they need about the products and services that they could potentially buy from your site.
  • You need to be clear and concise with what you provide, but equally, don’t fill the page with lots of superfluous information.
  • You are aiming to sell products and services to humans not search engines.
  • Like picking up a newspaper where the headline catches your attention and makes you want to read on, you’ll need to grab the readers’ attention within the first sentence.
  • Give them the information that was promised within your description and a little bit more too.
  • Keep the tone positive and in keeping with the ‘image’ of your company.
  • Too much superfluous information or too many keywords with no information will put off potential customers.
  • Search Engine Optimisation experts say ‘Content is King’ a lot, and they’re right.

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