DMOZ was a directory of companies edited by human beings.

The idea behind DMOZ was that voluntary ‘online citizens’ take small portions of the internet, and sort the authentic, working sites from the badly constructed, ‘spammy’ efforts which slow everyone’s experience of the internet.

Google and other business directory sites used data from DMOZ – as it was run by human beings was ‘more trusted’- so obviously being registered was valuable.

The Submission Process

As of Mar 17, 2017 Dmoz closed.

To submit your site to DMOZ, you had to firstly ensure that your site:

  • Is not a mirror site – ie, it has identical content to another, but they both have the same URLs;
  • That the site you’re submitting does not have the same or similar content to one you may already have listed in DMOZ;
  • Is not a site that just redirects to another site;
  • Is not a site that consists of mostly links to affiliate sites without offering much information.
  • And do not disguise your submission and submit the same site more than once.
  • Then go to the DMOZ site and run a search to find the category that you would like your site listed under, and search for your site name to ensure that it hasn’t already been listed.
  • If the category page you’ve landed on doesn’t have your site name already listed and has a ‘Suggest URL’ link on the top of the page, then you’re in luck.
  • If it doesn’t have this link, then that category is no longer accepting submissions.
  • Click the ‘Submit URL’ link on the page and fill in the required form.
  • Ensure that there’s no spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistakes, and do not fill the form with a promotional sales pitch, as DMOZ administrators don’t like this.

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